Modi's decisiveness helps Tata makes Nano decision

Last updated on Oct 8, 2008

Posted on Oct 8, 2008

About a month back I had argued that my candidate for India’s PM would be Narender Modi.  I still stand by it and to my surprise and amazement, Ratan Tata also seems to feel that this guy acted the fastest amongst all the executives of the States.  And it did not involve coercion or apathy towards the farmers but taking them along as this news item amply showed!

The time it took for Gujarat to get the clearances and put together a package for Tatas surprised them and helped them make their decision.

Tata Motors MD Ravi Kant said it took Gujarat just 10 days to tie up all the loose ends — make the land ready for possession, get all clearances and approvals and offer a final deal. Tata said his company decided to take up the offer “late last evening”, and he was here the next day to sign an MoU with the state government.

It also prompted Ratan Tata to make a very RARE political statement for a senior businessman (and a Parsi) like him!

There is a bad M and a good M and we have made the transition

…. he said in an obvious reference to Mamata and Modi.

But it just wasnt the speed, Gujarat actually gave a MUCH better deal for them as well – which showed the the willingness of Gujarat’s executive team to do “whatever it takes” to bring a “game-changing” industry player into their own midst!  Everyone knows that car plants actually lead to far more smaller industries than just that plant!  It leads to smaller suppliers who try to locate themselves near by and also adds to more employment.  THAT is what Modi’s team may have looked at as well!  And THAT is what the Red Commies JUST cannot get!

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