Mohali building built in record breaking 48 hours; can last 600 years

In an interesting record-breaking feat, a 10-storey building in Mohali was built within 48 hours.  Quite a feat in India and something I am sure will raise the career of the architect – I C Syal, an ex-professor of Punjab Engineering College along with the infrastructure company which built it.

“We assembled the 200- tonne building, having an area of over 25,000 square meters within the stipulated time of 48 hours, whose deadline ended at 4.30 pm on Saturday,” said Harpal Singh, CMD of Synergy Thrislington, a Mohali-based infrastructure company. (link)

IC Syal says that the building will last 600 years because of its design.

“It’s a tube-in-tube structure. There will be no problem of seepage or leakage.  We also measured the building’s deflection in case of strong winds and earthquakes, which comes to 49 mm as against 123 mm deflection allowed by the government for conventional buildings,” Syal said.

Some work is still left to do like air conditioning, lighting and making toilets functional.  It is heartening to know that not only has the team focused on getting the building up in record time, but also thought about the earthquake and wind/hurricane impacts.  Here is a video and some pictures below it.  The pictures speak to themselves!

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10-storey building built in 48 hours in Mohali

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In 48 hours, entrepreneur sets up 10-floor building

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