Monsanto vs Indiana’s Soy Farmer case: Critical for the future of Agriculture in the world!

This is the legal case between a small farmer and Monsanto, the Agriculture Giant of the Genetically Modified seeds.  The arguments of both the sides are very strong and very interesting!

For the future of agriculture in the US and indeed around the world, the result of this case will be very significant.  In fact, critical!

A suit between biotech giant Monsanto and an Indiana farmer has reached the high court. Gwen Ifill dissects the case with Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal. Ray Suarez discusses broader implications with Bert Foer of the American Antitrust Institute and Todd Dickinson of the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

In the coming years, these principles, which the world thought had been settled will be reopened with totally new implications.  Areas like Software and Biotechnology will push the envelope of law to its extreme!

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