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The moon has changed for ever!  Now there is water there.  Chandrayaan-I finally did the unthinkable a month after its untimely death – gave the entire humanity hope that if it totally screws up its own planet, it could make do with the satellite!  Maybe when the ultra rich have nicely screwed this planet enough, they will build an enclosed colony for themselves there.

M3 (Moon Mineralogy Mapper), an imaging spectrometer, from NASA was able to detect water through electromagnetic radiation.  What was amazing is that it was also found that water could still be forming on Moon as we speak.  So, water cycle hasn’t closed shop…. yet.

Some are saying this will be a boost for Indian space program against the Chinese program.  Their astronauts may have done their jiggle in space, but we hit the right spots. 🙂  Sau sunar ki .. ek lohar ki!

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1. India’s lunar mission finds evidence of water on the Moon