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Musharraf makes ordinary Pakistani pay for his expensive jaunt!

During the Kargil and thereafter, even though most of us Indians loathed Musharraf, but one could admire his utmost commitment to his cause with a “come what may” type of attitude!  I had always believed that he was one person who could truly help Pakistan go past its feudal society and also add that basic honesty of purpose in the nation’s elite.

So, it has been quite a disappointment to read how that society has deteriorated in political terms.  I had never believed he would let this happen specially in the way he came in and the kind of support he enjoyed at that time!  The clock has turned a full circle!  The person on the dock was Nawaz Sharif then and the one in command was Musharraf.  Among Sharif’s biggest crimes was his ostentatious wealth and utter corruption.

It was with a bit of shock that I read about the total tab of the recent European jaunt of Musharraf.

” Musharraf, who undertook a 10-day tour of the European countries last month, stayed in a royal suite of an expensive hotel near Hyde Park in London. His three-day stay cost Rs 63 lakh. “

For a person who has been voted out of power so overwhelmingly, this is downright dishonest, specially when he was waiting for the mandate on himself!!  It is as if he made the ordinary people of Pakistan pay for their political transgressions!