Must Watch: The Truth of Urban Naxals and Award Wapsi Gang | Haritha Pusarla #SrijanTalks

Must Watch: The Truth of Urban Naxals and Award Wapsi Gang | Haritha Pusarla #SrijanTalks

#AwardWapsiBrigade #Intolerance #UrbanNaxals

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In This eye opening talk, freelance write and thinker Haritha Pusarla delves into the infamous ‘Award Wapsi movement’ that started in 2015 to target the Modi govt.
The intolerant brigade and their optics at that time were widely covered by Indian and world media. Gradually, when the dust settled, the real motive behind it was clear.
In this talk, Haritha not only exposes both Urban Naxals and members of ‘Award Wapsi Gang’ but also throws light upon various dimensions of this big conspiracy.
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More about the speaker: Haritha Pusarla is a freelance writer, blogger and thinker. She has authored several articles on a wide range of subjects ranging from climate change, breakthrough science, sports, travelogue, book review and other contemporary issues.

She obtained her doctorate in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad and has worked as a research scientist.


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