'Naive To Think Taliban Will Pull The Plug On Other Terror Groups'

'Naive To Think Taliban Will Pull The Plug On Other Terror Groups'

The U.S. and Taliban have finished their sixth round of talks in Doha, Qatar. Amar Sinha, Member, National Security Advisory Board, ex-Secretary, Economic Relations at the Ministry of External Affairs and former ambassador To Afghanistan and Tajikistan discusses the current situation with SNI Associate Editor, Amitabh P Revi. He discusses India’s position and the road ahead. Having represented India as an unofficial observer at the Moscow peace talks, Ambassador Sinha outlines whether New Delhi is missing the bus, the fallout of increased attacks and whether Pakistan has had a change of heart.

Having played a big part in Afghans being allowed to play in the IPL, the national team being given a  home ground in Noida and the financial aid to set up a stadium in Kandahar, Ambassador Sinha warns of more upsets by the Blue Tigers.

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