Nepal a Chinese Vassal State now?

Last updated on Aug 7, 2009

Posted on Aug 7, 2009

Nepal’s journey from a Hindu Kingdom to a vassal state of China has been one that could have been predicted and obviated.  But it wasn’t.  Such has been and will be further – the damage to integrity of the Indian interests and the peace of the sub-continent’s region that it is mind-boggling that nobody did anything!!  Read the latest explosive remarks from Nepalese leader Prachanda to understand where this entire triangle and Chinese policy is going towards.  Nepal, as a country, is being slowly but surely being turned Anti-Indian.  India is being surrounded on all 4 sides by China and Maoists sent to disrupt internally are being cultivated to dismember India anyways.

Maoist chief Prachanda has made a sensational charge that India and the US had planned to launch an anti-China campaign, even a possible attack on the Communist giant, using Nepalese territory.
“I had to quit the post of prime minister as my party was opposed to allow our territory to be used against China,” Prachanda was quoted as saying by the Rajdhani daily.

Where do you think this leaves the future of the country?  It is no use making a stronger economy when your entire geography is in danger!

Reference Links:

Prachanda says India, US planned to attack China through Nepal

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