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Netflix – Oasis in the stock tumbling desert

In the midst of all the economic crisis and downfall in the stock market and tremendous layoffs.. there is one stock that seems to be shining.  And when you look at it.. you almost say “Duh”!

Well, the company is Netflix (NFLX). In februart it surpassed a major milestone – 10 million subscribers.  It has added 600,000 since Jan 1 this year.  The stock has gained > 25% YTD!   Why is it suddenly growing so much?

Well, now for the low price that you got the DVDs from Netflix at home, you can also get to watch serials and movies on TV via the Netflix ready devices.  And what are these Internet Ready Devices?

They include the Roku digital video player, Blu-ray disc players from LG Electronics and Samsung, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game console and newer models of TiVo DVRs.

The partnership with XBoxLive has really helped Netflix as well.  It has meant almost instant action from 1 million subscribers [1]:

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) today announced that 1 million Xbox LIVE Gold members have downloaded and activated the groundbreaking Xbox LIVE application from Netflix since the alliance launched last November. In less than three months the Xbox LIVE community has watched instantly 1.5 billion minutes of movies and TV episodes.

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