News of Nation-wide anger sends chill down Gangrape accused’s spine!

It seems the gangrape accused weren’t aware of the anger around the country regarding their heinous crime.  When they were told of the country-wide anger; it sent chill down their spine.  They froze and also started cooperating with the police.  It was earlier reported how these people had earlier simply gone about their business as they never feared any repercussions due to their act.

Perhaps that “confidence” would have still made them feel at ease.  Maybe thinking this is a temporary lockup and very soon they would be out.  Little did they realize that the country was up in flames and people were thirsting for their blood. (Source)

Now these same guys who brutalized the girl so badly on that night, fear for their own lives.

Here is a good profile set for all of the accused.

men behind gangrape

Image courtesy HT.

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