Now, why has Nithyananda been arrested?

Last updated on Apr 22, 2010

Posted on Apr 22, 2010

So, today Nithyananda was arrested in Himachal Pradesh on a “Non-Bailable” Warrant.  Now, for WHAT exactly?  That he had sex with an adult in their privacy?

I don’t get the reason .. really.  Can someone explain to me?  Because none of those stupid and media drummed up charges of land and other things were even real.

Honestly, whatever the followers may feel – cheated or whatever – what is his crime?

And, wasn’t it the duty of the local police to save his Ashram from being plundered and burned by the looters and unruly crowd?  Or does the contention of “Mob action without contest” being a useless plea apply only to BJP run governments?

No matter how sinful someone may think his action was religiously.. Sex – consensual and in privacy – is NO Crime… the last I checked!

There are priests who are documented pedophiles and offenders who have been working in India after they were thrown out of US and they are fine to go scott-free when they do more harm on innocent kids!

Honestly, something is drastically wrong with our system and way of thinking.

However weak and idiotic Nithyananda may have been, it is becoming more and more clear to me that (1) it was a big set up and (2) there is a sure enough controversy.  Otherwise it is difficult to comprehend the unbelievable hunt that the Karnataka police would go on way in to Himachal Pradesh just to catch one Swami who had sex???!!  Come on!  There are REAL criminals to catch out there.

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