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Olympics visitors' laptops, PDAs, cell phones will be hacked by China

The level of impunity with which the Chinese Government goes about treating the world like dirt is amazing.  I discussed in my last post how China is a major villain in Darfur.  Now, here a news item in USA Today discusses how the electronic data of a security, political or business person visiting China for Olympics could be at risk of espionage!

The methods could be wide ranging:

– pushing bugs or hacks through the cell toweror ISP while accessing data via PDA or internet through broadband or
– when left in the hotel unmonitored.

The laptops and e-mail devices taken to the Beijing Olympics are likely to be penetrated by Chinese agents aiming to steal secrets or plant bugs to infiltrate U.S. computer networks.  The stakes are high between US and China!  I am not sure why the world would want to still appease Beijing by making it to the Olympics!!??

“There is a high likelihood — virtually 100% — that if an individual is of security, political, or business interest to Chinese … security services or high technology industries, their electronics can and will be tampered with or penetrated,” Wortzel says.