Our Secret Chamber (Part 1)

Last updated on Aug 10, 2008

Posted on Aug 10, 2008

“Solving our problems and improving our lives through…………………”

Every human being on this planet from the past, did his best to improve his life. The same action applies to our current human beings, and also will this is also true, regarding human beings from our future. It’s very much alive pulsating in our spiritual genes.Man has built pyramids, temples, churches, shrines, etc to be able to find a very special place where he can get tuned with his Maker, his Creator, in other words with God. Man many times he has failed in his quest, nevertheless he has accomplished a lot. All his efforts have counted.He has looked outwards instead of inwards. He admires our great universe with amazement and wonder. He has become a bold adventurer, a dedicated investigator, a priest, a shaman, a Philosopher, a great thinker, an scholar, a scientific, and a mystic. It is precisely the true mystic, the lucky one , to have found the secret chamber.The purpose of these three articles is to lead you to your secret chamber. How I was able to achieve this myself doesn’t matter at all. What really matters is the very sincere desire of sharing. Unless you have tried out three very simple exercises, you’ll be able to make any comments about it. The required tools are : your patience, tolerance, emotional involvement, and your reliable creative imagination.

Where shall we start? It’s a very difficult task, but not an impossible one. The example that came to my mind is similar to the explanation given to a blind born person when trying to describe him color. Well, maybe not as difficult. Allow me to put pictures in your mind’s eye. Imagine three glowing hollow metal spheres with different sizes, one next to the other.They are as high as the hight of two men. One man standing on top of the other.The sphere to your left is made of copper, the middle one is made of silver, and the one to your right is made of gold. All of them emanate a harmonious sound, their powerful vibrations are felt in your body. Suddenly the gold sphere moves and enters the silver sphere a “plop” sound is heard meaning a harmonious adaptation. Then this silver sphere moves towards the copper sphere and it enters inside it the music of the spheres is appreciated. Now you are looking at only one big sphere made of copper. An inner message comes to your mind, and you know that the copper sphere represents our physical material world, the silver sphere stands for our psychic world, and the gold sphere is telling us that it represents our spiritual world.

You then, listen to a melody coming from one of your pockets, you reach into this pocket and you take out three metal keys. Yes, you’ve guessed right. A set of three keys in a crystal key holder; a copper, silver, and gold keys.

You choose the copper key, holding it in your hand, you walk directly towards this glowing copper sphere. When you are very near it you are able to detect an almost invisible door on it. So, your next action is to go inside after unlocking this door.Once inside the sphere, your intuition suggests you to sit down on a chair made of copper with a comfortable cushion on it. This chair is located right in the middle of this copper sphere. The most logic thing to do is to sit on this chair, you do it. Next you relax all your muscles, and your mind entering a state of total receptiveness. It is strongly recommended to take three very deep breaths. After completing your third deep breath. Suddenly four beams of warm red light hit your abdominal area from four different directions: your front, your left side, your lower back, and your right side. Please try to “feel” this light from cosmic origin. Four minutes pass by. Then a warm orange light hit your chest area from four different sources of light.This wonderful light enhances the successful events in your daily affairs. Also do your best to really “feel” this universal orange light. Another four minutes are spent. Next a warm yellow light from four different sources hit your neck, and head. This peculiar light helps you have a great clarity of mind, every corner of your mind is effectevly illuminated. You spent another four minutes feeling the healing powers of these wonderful lights! “FEEL, FEEL, FEEL” How they work in your integral being. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy their very powerful effects in you. Without any warning these lights turn themselves off. You’re left in an absolute harmonious darkness.This darkness gives you the opportunity to travel inside your true being, please take advantage of it. Now you will become a powerful receiver, similar like a hungry sponge for every image, every sensation coming from deep inside your true being.Here spend as much time as your reliable intuition advises you.

For very effective results in the search of your most needed secret chamber, would you be kind enough to record these instructions with a soft instrumental music background it would be an ideal action.

To close this exercise say the following:


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