Our Secret CHamber (Part III)

Last updated on Aug 22, 2008

Posted on Aug 22, 2008

In case you’ve experience just a tiny psychic reality, or being spiritually exposed to a very real cosmic world then, you will accept this kind invitation. Before finishing our dwelling in the silver sphere, and before going into the golden sphere, let’s consider some important matters. Select a physical place to create your mystical meditation cell. A powerful and real attraction place will be created by you. In this sacred place all the Divine forces will descent. All Cosmic blessings will come abundantly to your life. By Cosmic blessings I don’t mean richness, or material possessions. What I really mean, is to get reliable information from deep inside ourselves. The courses of action we must take. So, your participation in a very and easy ritual is needed. I repeat, your attunement with the almighty Divinity will be greatly increased. Your attunement with our Universe will be enhanced. Your attunement with your inner Master will be easily attained.


You will need to have near you the following elements: One bowl with fresh water, one glass of drinkable water, some unlit incense, a lighter, and an unlit candle.

By using your creative imagination let’s bring into mental reality right into this room our three spheres. Remember that inside the copper sphere is the silver sphere, and inside the silver sphere is the golden sphere. It’s by walking towards the copper sphere, and taking out our copper key that we go inside this sphere, then we take out our silver key to enter our silver sphere. After entering into our silver sphere we immediately see our silver chair, so we advance a little, we reach this chair, and we sit down. Again we’re left in absolute darkness. Then the source of soft blue light, which is above our heads, illuminates our bodies. This time we hear no humming sounds. We feel our total bodies illuminated. This wonderful light will turn on, and then enhance the irradiance of all our psychic centers. Let’s start with our pineal body, pituitary gland, and the remains of our third eye, thyroid gland, thymus gland, cardiac plexus, solar plexus, suprarenal glands, and gonads. Your whole body sings the electric melody, the magnetic field expands, our psychic and spiritual aura strengthens, our vital life force emanates with such Divine force that we are able to heal ourselves. Enjoy! , enjoy, enjoy by feeling your true self! Allow it to manifest all its eternal wisdom, skills, abilities, and real powerful divine attributes! FEEL—FEEL—FEEL with the core of your loving and lovable huge heart! Now lit some incense, and lit the candle. Play some soft instrumental music, or mantras. Remain this communion with your true self for as long as you feel like it.

Before entering to your golden sphere, put both hands deep inside the water in the bowl. This will symbolize PURITY OF ACTION. Next take a sip of water from your glass, and what wine tasters do. Impregnate your mouth with this sip of water, and then drink it. This action means PURITY OF SPEECH. Now with your right hand take some water from the bowl and pour it on top of your head. This will represent PURITY OF THOUGHT. You are truly ready and deserve to enter your sacred chamber, the golden sphere. So, you take your gold key and instead of trying to unlock a door on this last sphere.  With your right hand place it on your forehead, then in your chest area, and last in your solar plexus. Right away your access to this mystical sphere is permitted. To your pleasant surprise you see, instead of looking at a gold chair in the middle of this sphere you detect your favorite chair, so you walk to it and sit down. Your heart trembles with emotion. You’re so thankful to God that in great respect you remain silent. When this emotive moments fade away. You’ve just created your sacred chamber.  The three metal spheres don’t matter anymore. Life is always simple. The eternal truth applies “As above, as below”. Material life and Spiritual life are always simple ones. You have just been able to create your private mystical cell. Indeed now you are a very lucky person. The next thing to do is to say a silent prayer of thankfulness to our Creator, to the God of our loving hearts. The bright future lies ahead. It’s up to you to enjoy it. To give your reaching hand to your fellow man, woman, or child, and most importantly to yourself.

I really expect you have enjoyed reading and performing the contents of these three articles as I enjoyed explaining them.

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