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Posted on Jan 15, 2009


The amazing biography of our soul personality

According to my humble experience and some others,  the time invested in searching for deja-vus is definetly well worth.

The first positive manifestation is that we start to listen to Nature. Like in the movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC we indeed are able to listen to PATCHA –MAMBA. Hills, beaches, desertes, forests, jungles, sky, clouds,  even gardens, planets, moon, sun, and the whole Universe begin their amazingly beaitiful melodies, so immediatly we are mesmerized by such musicians. After this difficult to describe experience , our life changes for the better.Our sensitiveness for knowing people’s desires is greatly improved, so we can’t look the other way, seeming that we haven’t been aware of their needs. But the most amazing fact is that our affinity with small children increases a lot. Their need for being loved , understood and supported becomes a very loud voice in our now sensitive ears. We become not only our children’s spiritual teachers, but many of them become our spiritual instructors. Amazing, right? Quite amazing indeed!

Now, if you are really interested in remebering all the positive aspects of our former lives, in order to become in the here and eternal now much better versions of positive, creative, loving and enlighten human beings it is much easier than we dare to imagine. In every meditation by allowing our soul personality to add pieces of visions of our past lives we will  learn by discovery. How wonderful and super interesting our lives have been! It really doesn’t matter if we were kings or pesants. We were spouses, children brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents etc. And the wisdom gained through these family relationships is greater than the material knowledge we would  have acquired.

I really expect somebody can help me out with these posta about the real importance of reincarnation.


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