Pacing of a Genius or Mediocrity evaluating a genius with a low scale?

This is the story of a 7 year old boy surgeon who is now in his teens.  He was featured in the Extraordinary People’s show.

The 1st part is embedded below (links to other parts are given below that).  Watch the show carefully.  It is unmistakeable that this kid knew more than the medical students in the Imperial College, by their own admission.  He wanted to work in the Cancer Research at Imperial College to find a cure for cancer.  He may not have the maturity of a 40 year old, but his level of maturity was far above his age.

The top guys there at the Imperial College talk to him and work with him and then suggest that he go back and go through the college curriculum and “take it easy” lest he burns out.  It sounds like good Psychology mumbo-jumbo.. but honestly, I got off at the end of the program with a rather bad feeling.  In full view, this guy beat the shit out of all these folks, and still he had to go back.  Yes, he is young.  Yes, he needs time to develop.  But his enthusiasm does not need time.  It needs facilities.  When I watched the program, I saw one generation of smart but certainly not great people evaluating a great mind while using their own measurement standards!  What if the time in the B. Sc. in India blunts his desire and focus?  One almost feels like asking the politically incorrect but obvious question – were they terrified to be pitted against this self-taught cancer researcher with not even a fraction of facilities and opportunities that these guys had and still stumping them?  Imagine if he had the entire power of machinery behind him?

The attitude and the mess that the Indian education system is not even comment worthy.  I think the Indian system is just retarded anyways, but the attitude of these two Imperial College researchers was almost sickening.  What are your views?

Part II . Part III  . Part IV . Part V

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