Pakistan Army's Predicament

Last updated on Oct 11, 2009

Posted on Oct 11, 2009

The Pakistani network in the Afghanistan area has stuck again at the Indian embassy.  It is obvious that Indians are present in Afghanistan and for a reason.  Establishing an Indian influence – soft one at the least – is critical to ensure that Pakistan cannot use that land and people for its “strategic depth” uses.

I have never expected valor in fighting from the Pakistanis.  They are masters at fighting through terrorism and hiding behind kids and women and rarely fighting properly.  So, it is not surprising that in this case too, they have chosen to use terror attacks on the embassies as a means to fight.

The more they try such things, the more it appears to be clear that India needs to keep at it and fight the Pakistani network in Afghanistan.  Afghanistan and Pakistan have to be delinked.  Even China and Pakistan need to be delinked.  How that happens needs to be seen.  But in the national interest of India, we cannot leave Afghanistan…. nor can the US.  Not until the Pak Army is powerless and in the barracks with the civilian rule in the country.

Although I have a high regard for Robert Fisk for his journalism, but I completely disagree that Obama is doing something wrong by keeping a tab on Pakistan along with Afghanistan and that the bombing happened because Obama is not discussing Kashmir.[2]  Yes, Pakistanis want to bring the focus to Kashmir – thats they wont.. can digest food otherwise – but in this case of bombing.. that is NOT the reason.  The reason is very clear – Pak thinks India is planning against Pakistan, specially for Balochistan, from Afghanistan, so it wants to get India out.

Only earlier last week Pakistani military high command has come out with this message:

“Pakistan is a sovereign state and has all the rights to analyse and respond to the threat in accordance with her own national interests.”

Also now, the Afghan Ambassador to the US, Said Jawad has clearly pointed the finger at the Pak ISI:

MARGARET WARNER: First of all, my condolences on this latest bombing.
Following up on what the ministry, your ministry, said today, that it was planned by a state, not a group, are you pointing the finger at Pakistan?
AMBASSADOR SAID JAWAD: Yes, we do. We are pointing the finger at the Pakistan intelligence agency, based on the evidence on the ground and similar attack taking place in Afghanistan.

Similarly, something else is going on in the terrorism sphere – Pakistan’s Army HQ in Rawalpindi was attacked by the Taliban and 22 Army and civilian people were taken hostages.[4]  After a battle most of the hostages were freed.  This shows two things:

  • Taliban – Pakistani Taliban – is capable of bigger strikes than expected.
  • Even Taliban is not really on board with their masters.

The frustration of Pak Army is showing as their underlings start hitting them at a time, when India is flexing their muscles right in their backyard, which they had taken for granted.

I fear something big is around the corner at this point.  US and India should tread carefully but great decisiveness.

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3. Pak’s great game: Evict India from Afghanistan through terror
4. Raid to free hostages in army HQ siege over

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