Pakistan Bio Terror Plot to Infiltrate COVID-19 Infected into India

Pakistan Bio Terror Plot to Infiltrate COVID-19 Infected into India

As we had discussed in the last post – Tablighi Jamaat’s role in spreading COVID-19 Pandemic – there is an attempt in the Islamic extremist circles to use COVID-19 infection as a bio-weapon for terror purposes in order to kill more and more people.

Pakistan Bio Terror Plot

Now it is coming to light that Pakistan is planning to infiltrate COVID-19 positive suicide bio weapons to spread the virus in India for maximizing deaths.

On a day when United Nations General Secretary warned that terrorists might misuse the pandemic to cause mischief, a plot to flood India with Covid-19 patients by Pakistan through Indo-Nepal border has been exposed. Sashastra Seema Bal, the paramilitary force tasked with border security, has warned that there might be an attempt by anti-national forces to infiltrate India with multiple Covid-19 positive patients through Nepal via border areas in Bihar. (Source: Coroanavirus I SSB flags possibility of Covid-19 positive patients entering Bihar through Indo-Nepal border | India News)

The letter is from the Commandant of Sashastra Seema Bal to the District Magistrate and SP of Bihar.  Here the Commandant of 47th Battalion says:

Input received from very reliable sources that one person namely Jalim Mukhiya (Nepal) is planning to spread Corona pandemic in India. He is also involved in smuggling arms and FICN from Nepal to India.  Further, he has taken responsibility to cross Indian Muslim Nationals working in different Muslim countries during lockdown.  As per source around 200 Indian Muslim nationals (working in Muslim countries) along with 05 to 06 Pakistani nationals have arrived in Nepal via Kathmandu and presently residing in mosque/madrasa at will….

Here is the letter.

Times Now is also reporting about it.

Is COVID-19 spreading ways just random acts by many radical Islamists?

From vegetable vendors to delivery boys to Tablighi Jamaat followers to Pakistani terror groups – the one thing that has become common is the way they are using themselves or COVID-19 infected as a terror weapon.  One has to realize that the objective of these extremist groups is the same – annihilation of non-Muslims and Supremacy of the Islamic Caliphate.  Whether it is guns, airplanes, explosives or a virus – they are mere weapons.

This meme accurately depicts the importance and utility of Corona virus for the Islamic terror groups.

Religious hatred is real – calling it out is not being Islamophobic

In this whole situations, normal moderate Muslims have completely lost their future.  Because they have watched silently from the sidelines and have let either these hate-filled groups define religious conquest as the sine qua non of Islamic agenda or not counter the politically compromised folks like Arfa Khanum and RJ Sayema justify these terror groups and provide cover fire for them.

Normal Muslims have literally watched as every bit of their neutrality and social love is being shredded into pieces, even when an established and well documented terrorist organization like Tablighi Jamaat is being sanitized and their agenda of Islamic Supremacy normalized.  For the many peace-loving citizens it should be a wake-up call.

For the rest, it is a chilling scenario.  There is no time as normal and no time where one can sit back and be relaxed.  One has to be on the watch always.  There is no indicator as to who is a bigot like RJ Sayema and who is one who is devoted to social harmony.  The former won’t relent, and the latter won’t protest!

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