Why is Pakistan Denying the Surgical Strikes by India?

Why is Pakistan Denying the Surgical Strikes by India?

To understand the very basis of where Pakistan’s reaction on Surgical Strikes is coming from, you have to understand how they react to all the wars.

Starting from the 1948 Kashmir invasion, they have lied to the world even when their own officers and intellectuals have written about how Major General Akbar Khan led the Kashmir invasion (Check this book by Dr. shabir Choudhary).  But all through the whole time they kept on saying that it was a tribal invasion.  And, the world kept going along with that!  Also read the detailed history of Kashmir and its conflict here (Part 1)  and here (Part 2).

Same is the case with 1965 war and with the 1971 war.. and finally with Kargil.  All were started by Pakistani Army and Pakistan lost each one of them!  But did they admit it?

No war loss in the history of mankind was as spectacular as the Indo-Pak war of 1971.  India not only defeated Pakistan but also captured 90,000 prisoners of war!  That is Nintey THOUSAND!  For most countries that is an entire Army!!  That is how humiliating the 1971 war was.  How do you think the news headlines would have read the next day?  What was their media saying to their populace?  Well, here is the screen shot of Dawn – the largest circulated national daily headlines!

Headlines After 1971 War
Headlines in Dawn – Pak’s National Daily – After 1971 War Humiliation!

Think of it.  History’s most humiliating war loss and the national media is touting a victory.  That, my friends, is the level of falsehood that Pakistanis live and are used to.

This video will show you how Pakistanis – intellectuals and even an ex-Air Chief Marshall – argue how Pakistan not just started all wars but also lost each one of them badly!!  However, if you were to talk to anyone in Pakistani streets they will talk of all these wars with a lot of pride!

Read Dr. Choudhary’s book and the truth will be rather clear!

Lying is Pakistani Establishment’s Core Competency

When Pakistani establishment is faced with any war – whether they start it or they lose – even humiliated – they have just one reaction – Lies!  Pathological lying is their core comptency and the world recognizes them for what they are.  Here is Richard Clarke former National Security Advisor in US sharing his thoughts on Pakistan.

And, then there is American military Expert Ralph Peters sharing what he thinks of Pakistani generals.

And, it is not as if this kind of reputation has simply fallen into the lap of Pakistani Army establishment.  They have earned this stellar reputation through years of stealing Nuke secrets from NATO (remember interpol alert on how AQ Khan ran away with the documents from Amsterdam?); stealing the plant components from US (Read Deception by Adrian Levy); and proliferation of the Nukes to North Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Pakistanis have also not just created the Jehad factories and used them to the hilt but blamed all of it on the Americans!

Till today the world is paying for not nailing the lies of Pakistan in every area of Geo-political nightmarish scenario – whether it is Nukes or Terrorism or Genocides!

In case of the Surgical Strikes by the Indian Army, Pakistani Army knows that it has no options.  It cannot on its own and openly attack India in its right mind.  They would not just be pushed back and beaten thoroughly but also may lose some territory this time!  In all the past wars, India had leaders who made strategic mistakes – probably pushed by other world powers!  This leadership is different.

Like always, Indian Army anyway will win the war and territory from Pakistan.  The issue has been the leadership.  Modi is not in a gratuitous mood these days towards Pakistan.

As for the China factor – you can be assured that China will have to sit out or at most help Pakistan surreptitiously.  But if the Indian Army action destroys the Karakoram highway and the PoK area is taken over by India, China will have little to do.

Of course the Gwadar port will not just be blocked but eventually made useless.

In the face of a rather glum scenario for the Pakistani Army, they fall back on their core comptency – Lying through their teeth!  Wait for a few years and you will see some top Armed forces chief speak openly about these strikes.  Until then, if you want to take Pakistani generals’ or media’s word with any seriousness, you might as well make friends with Santa Claus as well.  You are a dweller of vicarious world built on clouds of pathological lies!

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