Pakistan didn’t accept letter from India informing them of Kasab’s Hanging

It has now coming to light that not only did Indian authorities send a letter to Pakistan informing about the Kasab hanging but that the Pakistanis didn’t even accept it.  Not just that, even though the family was also informed, no one has claimed the body.  It was in that light that it was buried in India.

“The External Affairs Ministry through our mission in Islamabad had informed the Pakistan government about Kasab’s hanging. When they did not accept the letter, they were communicated through fax,” Shinde told reporters here, hours after the hanging of the only captured terrorist in the attack.
“His family members were communicated through courier by our High Commission. We have the receipt of the courier sent and that was later given to the Maharashtra government,” Singh said.
Shinde said so far no one has claimed the body of 25-year-old Kasab and if Pakistan claims it, India would give it to the neighbouring country.

In the attached video, Najam Sethi explains the who mindset of Pakistani establishment and their games really well.

It is very important that such facts – unclaimed body of Kasab, one who was prepared by the establishment to attack India – are propagated more in Pakistan and in the ideologically passionate Muslims.  For, hopefully this can help stop many of these being brainwashed.  It is not that one can stop such actions by Pakistan, but we need to use as many tools we have to obviate such plans.

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