Pakistan didn’t like Kashmiris having any dialog with India to resolve conflict, so killed moderates: Wikileaks

Despite circumstantial evidence to suggest this, the Indian Government and the “peaceniks” have been going on as if somehow there will be a change in the basic architecture of Pakistan’s inherent “software” and it will abandon its terrorist ways.  Truth is that Pakistan has been inextricably linked to the ways of terrorism.

New Wikileaks cables now show that Pakistan was instrumental in killing the moderate Kashmiri Separatist Fazal-ul-Qureshi.  It used Hizbul Mujahideen to carry out the act for it.  Fazal-ul-Qureshi was the founder of Hurriyat and head of the People’s Political Front (a constituent of the All Party Hurriyat Conference, a separatist outfit).  He initially advocated armed struggle and later wanted to take the route of talks with India.  Pakistan clearly didn’t like it.

“Mirwaiz Omar Farooq, Abdul Ghani Bhat, Bilal Lone and Syed Hassan (all separatists) said the attempted assassination of their moderate colleague Fazal-ul-Qureshi was intended to be a clear message to them of the perils faced by those that talk to the government of India (GOI),” the cable read.

We know, we know that many will bring in the argument – that who in Pakistan really wanted this to happen?  So-called Democratically elected Government, Army, ISI or some non-state actors.  Truth is that they are all interlinked in a rather bizarre game of death.  For outsiders, it doesn’t matter.  All will have to be treated and handled as the same.  The sooner we realize that there is no going back for Pakistan on its ways of terrorism, the better it will be.  Specifically for those Pakistanis who still think that they won’t go the way of Afghanistan or Iraq.

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