Pakistani Army found paying money to Pakistanis to join its juvenile ‘Kashmir Hour’ action

Pakistani Army found paying money to Pakistanis to join its juvenile ‘Kashmir Hour’ action

Pakistan has lost in all the legitimate areas on Kashmir.  UNO, the UN Security Council, traction with Middle East and Islamic countries and the Western countries.  It has lost in every avenue.  So what is it doing now?  It is trying to rake the issue by going hyper-nationalist on it.

So, the establishment announced that on Friday from 12 to 12.30, all the Pakistanis will stand and show “solidarity with the Kashmiris”.  Imran Khan continued his Hinduphobic speeches with hate-spewing against the Indian PM and his party along with the RSS.

“Pakistan nation stands by Kashmiris and we will stand by Kashmir till our last breath,” he said, stressing the need to understand the RSS’ extremist ideology which foments hatred against Muslims. (source)

The so-called liberal and Islamist media groups have been playing up the action in Pakistan forgeting how this terror nation state has been repeatedly threatening terror attacks.  For example, Al Jazeera proclaimed that there were large crowds for the show.

Huge crowds in Pakistan have backed the prime minister’s call for a nationwide show of solidarity for people in Indian-administered Kashmir. (source)

Well, it turns out that this solidarity is not even genuine.

Today, in Pakistan, the Army distributed money to the Pakistani people to join the Kashmir hour.

These kinds of tactics have earlier been used even in France, where the Pakistani organizers were paying $5 per person to come and shout hate slogans against Modi specifically and India in general.  Most of this agitation is purchased.  The question obviously is – how long will it last?  The money I mean.  As it is, Pakistan is begging for it everywhere it goes and this is how it uses it!

Do you see how the whole narrative and the so-called movement is manufactured by the bird-brained generals of Pakistan?

They seriously think that they can fool everyone in the world by these juvenile ways.  The days when such tactics could win them their day are over.

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