Tajinder Bagga exposes Pakistan’s ‘Pay-for-Protest’ strategy against India

Tajinder Bagga exposes Pakistan’s ‘Pay-for-Protest’ strategy against India

Pakistanis have been trying to whip up protests everywhere against India.  And it was there to see in France as well.

@TajinderBagga exposed Pakistanis in their attempt to pay for protests against India on Kashmir. For Pakis, Kashmir is only about money after all - from Generals to protesters Click To Tweet

But how do they have so many ‘Pakistanis’ come over for protests?  Well the indomitable Tajinder Bagga has shown that it is due to the money they pay.  He called one lady who was organizing the protests in France and she agreed to pay him $5 per person for the protest in Paris.

Even the Pakistanis do not come protesting against India just for their love, which everyone knows is non-existent.  They come for money.  Kashmir is a money-spinner for Pakistan and that is how everyone has treated it.

And this is not all, Tajinder has been talking to a lot of Pakistanis and Khalistanis on camera for TV9 to expose their agendas and plans against India and specifically Narendra Modi.  All that is coming shortly.

Salute to him for the work he does to show the designs of enemies of India.

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