Indian Media Onslaught in Pakistan

Indian Media Onslaught in Pakistan

This, as we discussed earlier, is a very common topic on the Pakistani channels.  And, it is interesting to see the views of the Pakistani media people ABOUT the media and its showing.

I was kind of intrigued – not entirely shocked though (I expect a lot of things from Pakistani “intelligentsia” having listened to their media) – to hear this “senior journalist” that “Music and Dance is against Pakistan’s culture”.  In fact, he says these were part of “Brothels” and the media has brought “brothels to our homes”.

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Someone who writes and presents – art forms in their own way – says this about another art form.  Sounds intriguing.

Scientists now say – and Yogis have been saying (can cite clearly from Yoga Vasistha) – that Creation is actually a “Vibration in the Consciousnesss”.  Consciousness being the “Intelligent Primordial Energy”.  Yogis also call this Nad Brahmam.  Jesus and Nanak have also said something similar in their own way.  (Read – Creation is a Vibration)

Creation is music.

Pray, which moron can live without music being inherent in him or his being?  Anyone or book who/which even suggests such nonsense is anti-nature itself!

Pakistan and its “Imagined Cultural Onslaught”

The anchor suggests that she met this “Indian media person” who suggested that “we will take over the world with media”.  And she avers that “this is so true!  It is happening!”.

Really?!  The jokers in India’s media can’t even fix which side to crap from and the Pakistanis are crediting them with making a “Grand Global Conquest by Media” strategy and executing it perfectly as well!!  LOL.  I think we should keep sending such grand-talking well dressed proxies to all the seminars where Pakistani media personalities are there.  It will keep Pakistan and its media busy for quite sometime.

The truth is that many Indians believe – and probably with justification – that Indian media has been buried under Western culture.  But I don’t see any program on it.

Nor do I want to see it.  If any other culture scores over ours, and one’s own culture can’t stand up to it, then our culture should go.  What is worth will survive.  It always has.  Here is a very useful and perfect advise from Chanakya:

SPIC-MACAY: Saving Indian Classical Music

When we were in school, I remember the debate about how the Western Pop will destroy Indian classical music and culture.  At that time, a few people came together and convinced the top musicians to play and display the arts and music to the kids – from Elementary schools, High schools to Colleges and Universities – for FREE!  I remember having heard Pandit Hari Prasad CHaurasia in school and fallen in love with his music or having heard Pandit Jasraj and becoming his fan!  These world class musicians, dancers and artists not only gave performances, but also explained in layman’s terms what they were playing and the significance of it all!!

SPIC MACAY has brought the appreciation for our music to the common kids.  We were brought closer to our music when our impressions were being built on and we would volunteer for these events.  I know I used to do it despite my tough schedule during the MBA final year.

Just for a look, here is one performance by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan at a SPIC MACAY event in New Delhi

Cultural Strength

India knows what its culture is.  There is very little confusion about it.  It comprises of the original Indian civilization as well as contribution of the others who came to the sub-continent, including the Brits.  But, given all that, it is still the original civilizational cultural elements – the Ragas, the Dances (Bharat Natyam, Kathakali etc) and the folk music – which have broken through the whole gamut.  Not because there was some bias for them, but because they were strong enough in their own right!

Pakistan’s problem is that they don’t have a culture.  And that is why no one can define it.  For the “passionate Muslims”, it coincides with the Arabian desert tribes.  While for majority of Pakistanis, it is the Indian culture that doubles up as Pakistani culture.

As far as I have been able to understand, Pakistan’s identity is a negative identity.  “Whatever YOU are, we are not” syndrome.  Ever since Jinnah walked out of Indian National Congress, the very foundational identity of Pakistan’s concept has been a negative one.

I have NEVER heard from a single Pakistani what they ARE.  I have always heard what they are NOT.

If the only way you exist is by countering others, then you can’t exist for very long.. at least happily.  So, one has to first understand what he is ON HIS/HER OWN!  Suppose there was no India.  What would Pakistan be then?  What if Pakistan was the only country in the world with no countering agency… what would it be THEN?

Unless one is defined in isolation as a lone entity, one is a non-entity.

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