Pakistani soldiers (Sickos!) enter Indian territory, behead two Indian soldiers and carry one’s head with them as trophy

Honestly, one doesn’t understand the motivation of Pakistanis – their forces and the passionate Jehadis – to act as worse than animals. To behead someone and carry their heads around as trophies is demeaning. It is more a comment on the guy who does that, than someone whose head was carried.  Every soldier is fighting for his country – whether it is an American soldier or a Canadian, a Saudi, a British, a Pakistani or an Indian.

The least one soldier can do to another is show some respect.  War itself is gruesome.  To enter the war as an animal is even worse.  But right from the days of the first Islamic invaders to this last small incursion, someone Islamic soldiers – whether they are from Arab states, Persia or even Pakistan – lose all perspective of everything human.

In a gruesome attack, Pakistani troops on Tuesday crossed into Indian territory and ambushed an Army patrol party killing two soldiers whose heads were reportedly chopped off.
The attack took place along the Line of Control in Poonch district when Pakistanis came about 100 metres into Indian territory and assaulted the patrol party. Besides killing two Lance Naiks, Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh, they also injured two other soldiers.
During the brutal assault on the patrol party, the Pakistanis are said to have chopped off their heads, one of which they carried with them, informed sources said.


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