Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister are tax evaders!

In an interesting piece of news, a Pakistani report suggests that 66% of their elected leaders did NOT file any Income Tax returns.  Rest filed with incomes so low that it is almost a mockery.  Almost – perhaps all – all evade taxes.  So much so that the country’s President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Raja Pervez Ashraf BOTH are tax evaders!

The Centre for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan’s report said two-thirds of the country’s elected political leaders failed to submit any income tax returns last year. The 70-page report said that out of 446 members of the Senate and National Assembly, 300 did not file their tax returns. Those who did paid an amount that does not match their living standards.
Out of 126 parliamentarians, who paid their taxes, only 15 paid above $10,500 and 68 below $1,060. PM Raja Pervez Ashraf paid only $1500income tax which is an insignificant amount not matching his declared wealth.(Source)

This is a fairly sad situation.

But as an Indian I know that most of our own politicians will be in the same boat.  Its just that no one has pointed it out as of now.  Someone need to do it to our leaders as well.

So, if a country’s elite political class isn’t paying taxes, but taking advantage of the tax payer’s money – housing, flying planes, hospitals etc – even to the extent of taking billions of dollars out of the country and putting them in their own accounts, then they need to be given a lesson by the masses.  What is happening is absolutely shameful!

Over 60 per cent of Pakistani lawmakers evade taxes: report

60 per cent of Pakistani lawmakers among tax evaders: report

Over 60 percent of Pak lawmakers evade taxes: report

‘Nearly 70 pc of Pakistani lawmakers don’t file taxes’

Top Pakistani politicians pay little or no tax, study finds

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