Peace or no Peace, let it be clear to Pakistan that Wing Commander Abhinandan is NOT on the Negotiating Table

Peace or no Peace, let it be clear to Pakistan that Wing Commander Abhinandan is NOT on the Negotiating Table

“People should either be caressed or crushed. If you do them minor damage they will get their revenge; but if you cripple them there is nothing they can do. If you need to injure someone, do it in such a way that you do not have to fear their vengeance.” — Niccolo Machiavelli

When you are dealing with an adversary who when down will use psychological warfare to live another day for continuing his old ways (as he has always done), it is always best to hurt him irretrievably on the ground such that he cannot ever get up.

Over the many decades since Independence, India made two big mistakes – One, in 1965 when we were one week away from victory and the Indian PM Shastri got wrong advice that we were even.  Based on that he went to Tashkent and lost Haji Pir and Tithwa.

And then in 1971 when we gave away 93,000 PoWs and got nothing in return.  A Shimla agreement that Pakistan has never cared for and was no more than a piece of  toilet paper!

What our forces have won and could win on the ground, our leadership has lost on the negotiating table. Always!

And this time, they are trying the same tactic in the name of “peace” and unleashing another round of psychological warfare using our bleeding hearts.  It is time to understand the game.

One person on TimesNow discussion, Harbir Singh, explained it very well.

Harbir Singh said that they will use this one incident of Wing Cmdr Abhinandan’s capture as a psychological game.

Pakistan is completely outmaneuvered and bankrupt.  And, unfortunately they have landed their hands on our brave Win Cmdr, who btw was betrayed by a Mig that should not have been there in the country had the Congress bought the Rafale’s when they should have!  They will try to milk his capture as much as they can.  Part of their mission will be to give this as the rallying cry for the Bleeding heart Seculars who will start and promote the #NotoWar propaganda.

And, that is what Pakistani establishment wants. They want that India should be bogged down with the Wing Cmdr’s condition and sympathy for him, while they can negotiate “peace” – which will buy them time and money for the next large attack.

That should NOT happen.

There is no peace in this “peace”.  Put diplomatic pressure and do covert operations to get the Wing Cmdr back, but this time take the battle to the finish.

Pakistan is already trying to get that “Peace for Wing Commander” deal in motion.  It is reaching out to its functionaries in Congress.  Read these tweets.  Tehseen Poonawalla is a rabid Congress camp commentator and brother in law of Robert Vadra.

Wing Commander Abhinandan

Tehseen’s series of tweets follow the pattern that Pakistan wants to go for – Focus on Abhinandan and use him to throw out a “Peace for Abhinandan” deal.

If Modi goes for it, India loses the whole argument against Pakistan and the status quo – of continued terror – is retained, which was what India had started out to dismantle after February 14.  So, the martyrdom of the 44 CRPF Jawans would have gone waste.

If Modi does not go for it and things escalate, and further casualties occur, they will use this to ding him.

The Congress and others are working overtime to put India in that precarious situation.

India should adopt a ‘no negotiation with terrorists’ policy and keep on with this while they press forward!

As for Wing Commander Abhinandan – use whatever means we have at our disposal to get him back.  The best will be to get him back via Covert operation for that will rub it in into Pakistanis’ wounds.  But concern for one man should not blind us to the danger to many thousands that is there.

#BringbackAbhinandan is another IC814 like Hysteria

Be very clear, the hysteria that the Pakistanis and their sympathizers, the B-team in India (comprising of known journalists, actors, politicians) will create will be NO different than the hysteria created by those who wanted their relatives on IC814 back even when we had to release 4 dreaded terrorists who have been bleeding India since.

This is a repeat of IC814 hijacking scenario.  Albeit at a much smaller scale.  Let us not do another Kandahar again!

And this happens only because, as Harbir Singh suggested in that discussion, Pakistan knows that it can play up the emotional content in India and blackmail Indians to their advantage.  The Wing Commander is important, indeed very dear to India, but we cannot allow Pakistan to use him as a pawn to keep the terror apparatus intact!

Pakistan is using Wing Commander Abhinandan as a pawn in negotiation for peace. It will try to create a hysteria (like after IC814 hijacking) to psychologically play us. But such “peace” will, at BEST, put us at Status quo of pre-February 14. That is unacceptable. Most importantly, Wing Cmdr Abhinandan CANNOT be allowed to be on the negotiating table. EVER!

So let us be very clearWing Commander is NOT a pawn and will NOT be on the negotiating table.  He is off all negotiations.  If peace is what is desired, then it has to happen based on the situation on the ground and the correct way forward.  Wing Commander’s life or death cannot be allowed to be on that table!  We cannot allow Pakistan to negotiate with us while keeping a gun on the Wing Commander’s head!  Return him then work for peace.  REAL PEACE!

We have Pakistan – bankrupt, without friends, without moral high ground, and without any real plan – in a perfect place.  Now, let us go for the jugular.

Which means – a serious attack on another front and putting an end to the Kashmir mess via elimination of Article 35A and the many proxies of Pakistan in India like the PDP, National Conference and the Hurriyat.

Status quo is not acceptable.  It is either real peace or escalation.  And real peace cannot happen without escalation. As Sherlock Holmes said in “The Sign of Four” –  “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”.

Peace in status quo is the impossible here.  We know that by now.  We defined this mission because of that!  So,

eliminate that

.  Whatever remains, however improbable it may seem right now, has to be the




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