Personal God and the Infinite One

Last updated on Feb 22, 2008

Posted on Feb 22, 2008

There has been so much of confusion over my last article on God, that not only were the atheists un-happy but also the religious.  Some people cannot understand when I talk about the Vedantic philosphy and yet denounce the personally created “God”.  I believe one, of the reasons is because they look at Vedas/Vedantic from the narrow standpoint of religious text.. not as a philosphical treatise.  And latter was what it was.  There was no religion in the mind of those philosophers/Rishis and they never started any.

Today I happened to listen to Gita and then read some of it.  Please read the last shloka of 10th Chapter carefully…and you will know what I meant in my article better.  I will write about this shloka that I am referring to and other interesting stuff later during the weekend.

Also, some people get hurt because to them “Faith” in a God is a personal thing and I have no right to attack that “personal God”!  Now, according to me – this “Faith” or Belief business is a very modern curse that have distorted the Vedantic traditions!  If Arjun had any faith/believe in Krishna to start with.. you would never have had a Gita!  It is sad and our misfortune that the teachers/”Masters” of today dont have an iota of patience that Krishna had.  Read Gita carefully.. not until the very end, does Arjun say for the first time to Krishna…” I agree with you”!  In fact at the beginning of Chapter 4, he openly challenges Krishna’s basis of assertion!

The question is God-consciousness is NOT a “matter of belief”.  Yes faith is personal.  because prejudices are personal.  The way out of all that is personal as well!  But Truth… that is Universal.. and living. .. and dynamic…. or CHETAN… Awareness.. as it has been called.

Now, go back to my article – a particle is a static version of a “Dynamic” Wave!  Our observation or subconscious “insistence” (please look at the adverb before you jump up with usual interpretations)… on seeing “A” world is the FIRST step to create a personal world!  And then we create arbitrary “virtues” and haloes around those “virtues”… and simply feel good or bad.

You CANNOT capture a dynamic awareness/chetna in words/thoughts/books or certainty of paths and faiths!  Path can ONLY be drawn to a static entity… NOT a dynamic one.  Dynamic awareness cannot be approached by any “path”.

There is a reason why the Vedic Rishis never instituted a “religion” while modern day “Greats” cannot but!

Please do not “follow” Vedic/Vedantic teachings… you will make the high funda of those great thinkers useless.  Take them as cues… cues to go beyond them!

Remember there is a Veda in every person.  And those who wrote the Vedas hadn’t read one.  They just shared their experience.  So, Vedas are in your personal journey.  The ones on the shelf are static reminders of someone else’ journey into the “other” (Infinity-1) side.

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