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Affinity a word many times not fully understood by many people as it happened to me many years ago, when I spend some time immersed in deep thoughts  about our special affinity with just a few members of our family and not with all of them. Why is this so? The same principle is applied to friends. Why can’t we succeed in having a more opened and sincere communication with our family members, relatives, coworkers and friends for most we really try?

To my understanding arrived this next explanation: It mainly has to do, from the wide open view point of reincarnation, and also about our spiritual level of our reintegration with THE UNITY. Here at Drishitikone we experience this affinity, sometimes a very strong one, other times we don’t feel attracted to some of its member even though all of us desire and is deeply committed to share a much better world to live in. But this is good news because is in wonderful diversity where more practical solutions can be found and applied. Thanks to this fact, our humanity has many more chances of finding the advantages and benefits of a spiritual awakening that achieves in changing a lot of things that need to be changed.

For all the above reasons, I would like to experience much more sharing from all of us. By doing this everybody will find many more opened channels of self-improvement. I know it isn’t an easy task, but all our lives will be highly enriched. The effort is well worth trying. This is my very humble suggestion to reinforce our ties. There is a reason why we have access to this wonderful site.
With loving brotherly ties. Azokata-nous.