Why Should We Play the Indian National Anthem in Cinema Halls? Here’s Why!

Why Should We Play the Indian National Anthem in Cinema Halls?  Here’s Why!

In a program on Republic TV, Suneet Chopra – a Communist politician and a guy who has lived a life too entitled – said clearly that he does not owe allegiance to the Indian flag or the anthem.  He may, however, owe gratitude towards North Korea or China or Pakistan though.  This was during the debate on National Anthem and why people need to stand for it.  Which depending on how sincerely your sing can take anywhere from 52 second to 90 seconds.  Sincerity being directly proportional to the time take to sing the Anthem.

From Sandeep Dikshit to Rahul Gandhi, Congress is at the forefront of protesting against standing up for the National Anthem and being respectful.  They are joined by their ideological allies – the Owaisi brothers and others with the Jehadi mindset.  And, this virus of “What’s so important about National Anthem?” has been spreading and done deliberately so by the vested interests – who, in their bid to politically oppose the current government have been running the nation down!

The whole thing was triggered by virulently activist Supreme Court of India.  Judiciary that is tripping upon itself now.  In a landmark judgment in December 2016, Supreme Court said that it is mandatory to play the National Anthem in the cinema halls.  This is what they said –

“These days, people read things that have nothing to do with nationalism but don’t study material related to nationalism,” said a bench headed by justice Dipak Misra.  “Universalism is alright but still Bharat is the epitome of culture, knowledge… Gyaan and Vigyaan… people should feel that they live in a nation and show respect to the national anthem and the national flag.”

The court went on to direct the center to not just publicize its order but also send it to the states to ensure its implementation nation wide!  In a stern message the justices told the public:

A time has come the citizens of the country must realise that they live in a nation and are duty bound to show respect to National Anthem which is the symbol of the Constitutional Patriotism and inherent national quality…

So, the National Anthem being played in the Cinema halls became mandatory.

Now, the court is having second thoughts.  It feels that the Government was probably stupid enough to implement its stern order which wanted a nation-wide reach!  Now another bench, which included the same Justice Deepak Misra squeamishly said that now Centre should decide whether to modify that order which the Supreme Court justices had passed less than a year ago “without being influenced by what the court had said earlier”!

In the most bizarre ruling now, some of the most senior judges in the Supreme Court have admonished the Government now!

Chief Justice Dipak Misra, who had last year made it a must for the anthem to be played before every show at cinemas, was among the three judges who said today that the Centre should decide whether to modify that order without being influenced by what the court had said.
“People do not need to stand up at a cinema hall to be perceived as patriotic,” the court said, adding that it “cannot be assumed that if a person does not stand up for national anthem, then he is less patriotic”.
People go to movie halls for undiluted entertainment, said the judges.
“What is stopping you from amending the Flag Code? You can amend it and say where to play national anthem and where it can’t be done. Nowadays, the anthem is played during matches, tournaments and even Olympics where half of the crowd does not understand its meaning,” said Justice DY Chandrachud.

Let me just list clearly what these “esteemed judges” of India’s highest court have said in context of the most recent Supreme Court ruling.

People have forgotten nationalism, so playing National Anthem in Cinema Halls is imperative.  Mr. Government, please ensure you implement this order ASAP and nation-wide!We said that National Anthem should be played, but who said that everyone should stand up for it? Duh!And, even if we ordered the Government to ensure the National Anthem in the Cinema Halls, were they idiots to do as we said?!  Why can’t they change the law to make our ruliing useless? Why?!!

Is it just me, or do is this the new era of jokers playing cruel jokes at the helm of important Government institutions?!

These guys – can’t even to understand what they want and keep going back and forth on their love for the nation and love for those who in their own words show disrespect for the national flag and the anthem!  As a meme is asking, if its ok not to stand up for the National Anthem, then is it ALSO fine to not stand up when these judges come in the court room?  Specially when they keep changing their own version and rulings?!

Utter juvenile stances of the Supreme Court aside – let us look at the topic of National Anthem directly.

Why is National Anthem Important?

The best explanation of this has been given by Sadhguru.

There are folks who go out, leaving their infant kids and young wives and old parents to fight to keep the nation secure.  Knowing fully well that they could die any day.  And, it is not (as some sick minded sold out leftists dare to suggest) that they choose it as a career, so what?  There are enough careers for the youth today.  No one from most A, B, or C level towns and cities needs to embrace a career where dying is a strong option – just to “earn money”!

These people, who go out to the border with complete knowledge that their death may not be far, do so on the promise of a nation’s pride.  A flag, an anthem, a call, a slogan – an idea basically is enough to spur a young 20-something man or woman to go fight and give one’s whole life for the sanctity and thriving of that idea.  And these judges – confused as they are – are admonishing the Government as to why its not changing the Flag code?  That is how degenerate the national character has become.  That is how low and shallow the judiciary has fallen!

Take away the idea of a nation and you take away the idea that fires the imagination of a youth to fight for the integrity of the nation.  Take away the idea and you take away the nation itself!  Without someone to fight for the nation even if death stares in the eyes, there is no nation.

Cinema is for Entertainment, Why the Anthem there?

When Afghanistan had fallen to the Taliban and the nation was no longer there.  When Iraq was turned into a war ravaged wilderness overtaken by the ISIS and the once proud nation was no longer there.  The avenues to fight for that nation were still there.  The zest of some to stake their lives was still there.  The bonfires for serious discussions could still be there.  The Cinema Halls were, however, missing!

When the nations have been ravaged and brought down to their knees, their cultural expression is the FIRST to go.  What one values the most – the music, the dance, the way of life – goes first!

If a nation and its self-obsessed – soda-and-popcorn fed masses, as Sadhguru calls them have to be reminded of the importance of National pride, then it should be at a venue which will be the first to go if these symbols – that comprise the idea of a nation – are forgotten and lost!  The day India has no one to fight for it and the hordes walk over its cities or bomb its population, these luxuries… these areas of expression and art will be the first victims.

When survival is at stake, who gives a damn about Cinema or Art or Music?  When the next meal is at stake, and your kids are hungry, do you think anyone cares for the finer things in life?  When due to Colonial rule by the British, aided by the self-induced slumber of the brave in India, large and damning famines happened and mothers and kids died without food, the young and abled crawled on the streets to death, do you think music or art was anywhere around?

When Art and Expression and the houses of entertainment like the Cinemas are the first casualties of a weak and impotent nation’s capitulation – don’t you think that THAT is where the education should be given the most?!  Those who are induced to hallucination that freedom and art is a right – not a luxury, as it is – for humans should be given a reality check in the very place which they will lose first if they keep on with their self delusional ways.

Just as a matter of context – it took roughly 15 years for Afghanistan to move from a society like the one below to a war ravaged Taliban colony!  Iraq’s descent was even faster.  To take what you have in terms of life and its finer things for granter is not just foolish, it is imbecility!

A decade – that is how far you are, My Lords of Indian Supreme Court from your court rooms to the ruins of war – if you keep up with your ways.  And that is also the distance between your Cinema Halls to your broken homes and abandoned streets, if you cannot find it in you to stand for just 57 seconds to a rendition that still – strange, given the thankless society – spurs a young man to fight the enemies till the last breath!

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