'PM Sheikh Hasina Risked Her Political Future To Have Good Ties with India'

'PM Sheikh Hasina Risked Her Political Future To Have Good Ties with India'

Having got a fresh mandate to lead her country for a third unprecedented term, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has promised to press ahead with the development of her country. In order to implement her development agenda, good relations with close neighbour India are a pre-requisite says Tariq A Karim, former high commissioner of Bangladesh to India. Karim who was his country’s envoy to India for five years (2009-14) told SNI in a Skype chat that PM Hasina is very conscious of the fact that cordial relations will help her tackle poverty in Bangladesh as well as give an impetus to its economic growth. Now a Senior Fellow with the Dhakaa-based Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, Karim also drew attention to two vexed issues that have been resolved between Bangladesh and India during Sheikh Hasina’s tenure–the land boundary issue and the settlement of the maritime boundary.
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