Political Opposition to Obama is really Over the Top Racism from Republicans!

Open Republican Racism

It is no secret that Republicans have a huge number of supporters who are racist to a point of being mean and even violent.  While I have seen some effects of racism in Texas (with some neighbor’s kids scribbling racist stuff on my drive-way; but parents reprimanding them thankfully – where did they learn that though?); I didn’t quite comprehend the extent of hatred that is there in the Midwest belt specifically and religiously passioned in the US.

This is a message that a Republican supporter wore to a rally.  Now, that he is wearing it is bad enough.  What is worse is that he was allowed to be there with that kind of BS on him!

When John McCain ran last time, there were a lot of racist nonsense spewed at Obama.  A lot openly and some couched in niceties, but unmistakable in its intent as regards the message.  One has to give credit to McCain for openly denouncing that in the townhalls that he attended.

Mitt Romney, the flip-flopper and the opportunist that he is, has not done that directly.  He lets it happen although I am sure if you ask him, he will disagree with an opening so he doesn’t turn such racists off.

Chair, Watermelon, Noose and Asking Obama to go back to Africa.

This was not the only racist action.  On a remote road in Santa Clara, California, one person had a chair in his lawn with a watermelon and a noose and a message resembling a teleprompter saying “Go back to Kenya you idiot”.

I have not seen or read most of this country’s history.  But I will be really surprised if ANY President in the history of US was ever treated with such mean-ness and dismissive-ness as Obama.  For a long time, I was convinced that if the racist religious aren’t successful in defeating Obama for the second term, they might even assassinate him.  After all, they have a track record!  I just wish to God, that I am horribly wrong!

The racism – couched in religiosity … but make no mistake – it IS ABOUT RACE clearly, is raising its head and manifesting at a time in the US, when the majority White population is at the threat of being left behind in numbers by the Hispanics in the coming decades.

If anything, the coming decades and century will witness divisiveness in US that could parallel the levels there in Lincolns time before Civil War.  Only this time, it won’t be a neat geographical segregation.  Every sub-division would be a mini battlefield, and every suburb will become a Ground Zero in its own way.

In US sometimes the level of animosity is hard to figure out, because people have a great talent in Politically correct speech.  But if one were to rip apart the facade of PC speak, one would find that such attitudes are strong and hard.. getting harder by the day.  This so clearly shown in the Congress and how the work is done – rather not done!

Check some of the comments on the article, which I find particularly interesting in their content and what they point to is happening at the ground level.

Commenters on the article..

When I lived in Woodridge, IL, a hole-in-the-wall suburb of Chicago just before the 2008 election, I heard nothing but racist rhetoric about Obama and how the suburbanites all hated that Lincoln is on their license plates because he freed the slaves “you know, those people who should, like, go back to work?” (Actual quote from a neighbor).
I lasted a full 3 weeks there after seeing another neighbor with an effigy of Obama hanging from their tree with a sash that said “Mr. Smoked Irish 2008”. I gave up on those crazies and moved back home to liberal Portland, Oregon. I’ll be thinking of them when Obama wins again in a few weeks. (link)

Another comment:

The Repulicans’ dirty little secret (not so secret): White guys don’t like a black guy telling them what to do (who is half-white, by the way). It’s all about Obama’s color, not his policies or politics. As Mitch McConnell said the day Obama took office: He is going to spend the next 4 years making sure Obama is a one-term president.
The karmic wound of slavery continues to haunt this nation. (link)

I have just taken two comments, but there are many out there which articulate the divided opinion (and even basic intelligence!) that is prevalent in the US today!

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