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Pranab Mukherjee to be the next President?

There has been a lot of speculation for who will be the next President of India.  Although it is a ceremonial post, but the President can prove to be crucial in the biggest of emergencies.  So, although it doesn’t always seem important, it is at the moment when it counts.  So it is an important decision.

A lot of names were thrown around, including former President Abdul Kalam and the current VP M. Hamid Ansari.  But it seems the person who is pipping everyone at the post – after making his moolah in the most corrupt team ever in India – is Pranab Mukherjee.

He will be the President was announced by Rajdeep Sardesai in his tweet.  Which is interesting.  As the negotiations are going on, I find his confidence and foreboding tone interesting.  It seems that the journalists are more in bed with the politicians than anyone else.

Bad news is that this bong stalwart of corruption will be around for another few years, but the good news is that he is now done with his politics! So it is time to rejoice in a way.