Predictions for 2007

Here are some of my Predictions for 2007 on all fronts:

1. Dollar will decline and maybe US will avert a correction but the deficit will continue to balloon.

2. The tensions due (1) above will increase with China and Europe due to trade issues. Chinese element will also include the military/political muscle flexing as well. India will therefore become an important prop this year. So expect India to become an important “flavor” in American foreign policy.

3. The true implications of Iraq invasion will start becoming all too apparent! If I were Barrack Obama I would NOT run for the President! In fact if I were the head of Democratic party I would let the Republicans take that “honor” in the next President elections. By the end of 2007, the world will realize that Iraq was THE greatest mistake of the modern times. I would be very surprised if a major conflict does not break out in that region.

4. More and more awareness of environment would be spread and it will be visible in some major changes in policies.

5. Focus on humanitarian issues in Africa will increase. Hopefully all that will lead to some good results.

6. Some major natural calamity will occur – most probably an earthquake in the South-Asia/South-East Asia region that will bring many people outside that region together for charity.

7. New technologies to help reduce dependence on oil will become more efficient. Wind power will gain more momentum.

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