Annual and Year-end

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Annual and Year-end

Drishtikone’s Annual Predictions for 2019

Every year, we make predictions for the next year on Drishtikone.  These predictions relate to world at large but specifically to three countries – India, US and Pakistan.  The idea is to look at the socio-economic and political trajectory of these societies and see where it will lead them to. Drishtikone's

31 Dec 18 18 min read
Annual and Year-end

Review of 2009 and Predictions for 2010

Every year, I look at the previous year and make predictions for the coming one, not based on any astrological basis but the basic understanding of the socio-economic situations. (Review of 2008 Predictions and New ones for 2009 []) India On this front the record was

03 Jan 10 5 min read
Annual and Year-end

Review of 2008 Predictions and New ones for 2009.

For last two years, at Drishtikone, we have presented predictions for the coming years. And it is interesting to see how they have stacked up. Last year also we made some predictions []. Let us first review them a bit and then look at how the

02 Jan 09 3 min read
Annual and Year-end

Predictions for 2007

Here are some of my Predictions for 2007 on all fronts: 1. Dollar will decline and maybe US will avert a correction but the deficit will continue to balloon. 2. The tensions due (1) above will increase with China and Europe due to trade issues. Chinese element will also include

02 Jan 07 1 min read

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