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The racist Mike Proctor's secret fuzzy logic is now out!

By now there have reams and reams written on the Harbhajan-Symonds’ monket incident and Bhajji’s ban.  A lot of hue and cry over the hypocrisy of Indians and the technicality of whether he said “Monkey” or “Maa Ki” or anything else.

None, except Sunil Gavaskar the BASIC question – where is the proof he said anything?  Harbhajan denied.  Ponting did not hear it.  Tendulkar did not hear it.  Umpires did not hear it.  Extra sensitive microphones did not pick it up. Then who the heck heard it???

Well, itseems three guys: Andrew Symonds, Michael Clarke and Mathew Hayden.  Two, Symonds and Clarke whose integrity levels would be beat a used car salesman’s integrity by a WIDE margin.

So, how did the great Mike Proctor decide?  Well.. as Gavaskar said: “A White man took a White man’s word over a Brown man’s!”.  And no one even debated on this through this ENTIRE incident’s analysis.  Well, now Proctor’s report has been leaked.  Guess what.. Gavaskar was DEAD ON!  Here is Proctor’s fuzzy logic.. read below:

“The first issue for me is did Harbhajan Singh say the word “monkey” or “big monkey”? I have heard evidence from Andrew Symonds, Michael Clarke and Mathew Hayden that he did say these words. Harbhajan Singh denies saying these words. Both umpires did not hear nor did Ricky Ponting or Sachin Tendulkar. I am satisfied and sure beyond reasonable doubt that Harbhajan Singh did say these words.”

Forget about Britney Spears for needing rehab for her muddled head.. its Proctor who could do with some rehab!  He needs serious help!  And as for integrity – well Proctor, Symonds and Ponting should sign up as Head trainers for the Used Car Salesmen Association.  They would make more money than playing cricket – or whatever they think they are playing.. WITH!