Radha-Krishna “love” and the idiotic myths

Is Krishna 10 years old here?

In the movie “Student of the Year” Radha – of Radha-Krishna context – is called “Sexy”.  Some Hindu organizations are up in arms about it.  They want the movie to be banned etc.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) while protesting Sunday demanded that the Censor Board should ban the movie for derogatory reference against Radha in one of its song.

Whether one agrees with the form of protest or the call for ban on the movie, one finds enough holier-than-thou Media persons giving their own idiotic justifications.

Krishna and Radha’s relationship – a reality check

Krishna and Radha story happened only in Vrindavan.  Krishna left Vrindavan when he was 10 and a half.  He gave his flute to her and never came back.  After that, Krishna never met Radha again nor did he play his flute.

A lot has been written about his amorous self by poets and by so-called Devotees.  But leaving aside the often given latitude to the poets and artists, let us think about it for a moment.  Even if.. I mean.. he was a special being.. so even if Krishna started “young”, given that he was in a small village of a conservative place in India – what could he have done at age 10?!!

For someone like Rituparna Chatterjee and others of her ilk – to boldly claim things that they have put no rigor or thought behind their assertions and use others’ nonsense to produce their own.  Something that as a journalist, they were taught against.  Just because it has been said at other places, you need to check it yourself.  Above all, use your brain cells to ask some basic questions AFTER you look at the basic subject matter.

After all, no journalist writes about the Chambal dacoits based on the content of Sholay – taking that to be the Truth!

So, next time we start writing tomes on “Love” and “Sensuous romance” of Radha and Krishna, we need to think using our brains and not our back-sides for a change.

Route for Hindu Organizations

If the Hindu organizations are so peeved off by what Rituparna et al say, then they need to –

  1. understand Krishna in his entire context
  2. argue against the illustrations by the religious Hindus like the one above.
  3. Socialize the correct historic narrative and not let the narrative that has been thrust upon the popular consciousness by illiterate artists and over reaching poets.

If you don’t share what your truth is, it will be defined by those who have no stake in the Truth itself.  So Hindu organizations – get your act together before you ask for further bans!

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