Why Indian Civilizational challenge to Western Universalism is required

Rajeev Malhotra’s work on Indic civilization is unique and without parallel.  He has written two books – Breaking India and Being Different.  And in the latter specifically, he discusses how Indian civilization can challenge the Western Univeralism – which rode on the back of Colonial aggression and stuffed on the colonized.  For India, the Indian Historians just took those prejudiced and jaundiced views and have taken on the task of deconstructing the Indian work in Science and philosophy.

Rajiv also discusses how Westerners took and regularly take the Indian Spiritual ideas and works and take away the “Indian-ness” and go around touting it as their own.  He is writing a series of books on what he calls “U Turn” theories.  This is a very insightful talk that everyone should listen and reflect.

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