Rajiv Malhotra Invites Hindus To Send Queries About Hinduism

Rajiv Malhotra Invites Hindus To Send Queries About Hinduism

In this lecture Rajiv says that he will answer queries on Hinduism.

We now invite you all to send your question (in the form of a video) on Hinduism. Send any doubt/confusion on Hindu issues and Rajiv will give explanations/answers.

As Rajiv says in the video: “Ask the most serious questions about Hinduism to me. Whatever you are embarrassed with or people embarrass you (about Hinduism), you tell me that – I will answer. Whatever has not been explained by Gurus or your parents till now, I will answer.This is to teach your young people how to be ambassadors of our Dharma.”

1. Please upload your Video Clips on a google drive / Dropbox folder and share the link with us. Drop a mail at infinity.foundation.India@gmail.com. Do not post any link here.

Please ask short and crisp questions.

Ensure that video resolution and audio is of good quality.

Please do not send advice, suggestions etc.


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