Relationship Games and Hidden Dark Characters: Why Jodie Arias’ trial disturbs me

There was a time some years back – in my own lifetime – that people were quite simple.  Many people in some places, still are.

No, I am not talking about being “Good”.  Simplicity is living life with very limited mental distortion.


A murder case trial going on in the US has worried me in many ways.  It is the trial of Jodie Arias.  The story of this lady is that a friend introduced a man to this lady.  They both had an instant physical attraction and very soon were seen regularly together.  Such was their togetherness that she ended up converting to the Mormon faith – which the guy Travis Alexander was into.  People outside thought that this was a pious couple, while their personal relationship was highly kinky in its own way.  However, they had some issues, and Jodie had grown very possessive.  Travis’ friends say that she was slashing his car tires etc very recently until the murderous act.  But one day she came to his house.  They had sex and were having fun, as she was taking his pictures while he was naked in the bathroom.  As she maneuvered him into a certain pose for a particular photo, she stabbed him taking advantage of his inability to retaliate.  And then she shot him.  She had also cut his throat from side-to-side on her way to killing him.

Now, she not only went back away from the crime scene but sent an email 3 days later to Travis, seeming bubbly and cheerful, asking how he was doing?  She was soon the main suspect and got arrested.  She has changed her story of how it all happened at least 4 times (last time I counted).

Several things disturb you in this story – the schizophrenic, the ruthless sophistication of Jodie – but what struck me most was her belief and confidence that “no jury can convict me”.  An assertion she made to the investigators.  And, calculated as it was, she started sobbing and crying in the court in front of the jury, when confronted with Travis’ pictures of brutal assault.  What logic and arguments couldn’t achieve, photos of the slain lover did.  She cried.  Some would say out of remorse, and some would say it was calculated to lead the jury.  Either is true, but given the sophistry of her mind-games, I would go for the second!

Until then, she had had no remorse, and no emotions.  For a person who has killed the man she loved so much (apparently) and had such intimate relationship; how could she sleep everynight without his touch, KNOWING she killed him and still wake up sane the next morning?

Her playing the game of one-up-manship on the whole system and indeed on the man in her life, reveals a strange situation.  How do you trust anyone these days?  Until she killed him, no one could say that she could – or would do so!  Apparently, she had convinced everyone on how much she loved him.  So perfectly, that they probably believed it.  Even Travis.  He had no idea when she was naughtily taking his pictures in the bathroom, that it was a complete set up!

Were signs that revealed Sociopathic tendencies seen by Travis?  Did he ignore those signs because of the relationship they led together?  Was it so because he “believed” in her “love”?

If so, when do – you and I – normal people draw a line with close people display disturbing behaviour of personal hatred or having changing personalities or even playing “games” within relationships??

Anyone can be a Jodie!

These are important questions.  For some reason, due to the inter-weaving of all the issues that come along with a changing societal structure, it is tough to have normal relationships.  How do you differentiate your own loved one from a Jodie Arias?  How do you know you aren’t sleeping with a Jodie everynight?

This kind of double-edged sociopathic behavior is becoming all too normal now.  People with competing narratives have subtle nuances with different import, and unless you include the whole narrative, you cannot find the “game” being played on you!

Yes, life was simple back then.  People weren’t always nice or good, but you could bucket them.  Now, we live in the world of hues.  Of Greys.  In fact, in a world where people have become adept at mixing their darkness and light into a perfect grey, until they strike through their dark character.  In fact the light in them is just a prop!!  It is something that they use to play games to remain acceptable, until they can strike!

After all, aren’t the terrorists doing the same thing?  The tragedy is that this mixing has become mainstream.

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