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Is Reservations for SC/ST students really Degrees in Begging

I have always argued that those who call for reservations for the SC/ST students in India TOTALLY miss the point!

They want reservations for people who are not even prepared.  Here is a telling example:  This year the LAST person in the General category will have around 180 out of 480, while the CUT OFF for the SC/ST people it will be roughly around 90 (around 18%).

When the person who got in with just 20% marks coming in, do you think that person will be able to withstand the rigor of the curriculum of the IITs?  The JEE test is created at the certain level FOR a CERTAIN REASON!  It is created tough to get people who can handle the tough curriculum thereafter.  All the IIT graduates you talk will testify that passing through the JEE was probably the EASY part of the entire deal.  What follows is a tough study.

So, the ” 20% SC/ST” comes in but is pushed through the system with probably nothing more that a “Begged Degree” because he/she surely didn’t get the degree because he/she DESERVED IT.  It was given because this person was born in a certain family.  Is THAT what will give that person “Freedom” from inferiority?  From a bad situations?

Isn’t it better to PREPARE the child who wants to go through the, say, IIT system and then help that person be able to study without any care for the expenses?  That will be probably the best way to improve the lot of SC/ST future generations.

Let’s admit that in India SC/ST and lower castes have been treated in a rather dastardly manner.  It is our duty to help them come up from generations of discrimination.  But is THIS the way?

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