Sadguru Jaggi and his life biography

Last updated on Aug 14, 2009

Posted on Aug 14, 2009

There is a reason why I completely agree with Sadguru Jaggi.  He happens to talk sense.  No other person I have met or heard or read has ever made sense to me like he does.  Maybe that is why I went to him as a Shishya.  This interview explains why.

The only problem I have is the way the interview was conducted and the childishness of the interviewer.  Last night I happened to listen to PBS and Charlie Rose conducting an interview.  He was talking to a South African singer and then to an British author who had written a book about her Grandmother (“The Bolter”), who was a rebel of a kind.  She married 5 times and at one time in Kenya was managing a farm and used to have wild sex parties in her house with other Brits.  The kind of questions that Rose asked – sparse as they were – were amazing.  They showed his intellect.  Shekhar Gupta unfortunately comes across as a joker.  He has no idea of the subject he is discussing.. he has no insight whatsoever… and is not even paying attention to what Sadguru is saying at times.  How I wish if this interview was conducted by some one who was more insightful and had a bit of intellect or at the least a half-decent research team t o prep him up!

Anyways… enjoy the thoughts of Sadguru that come through.. and of his childhood.. its very interesting.  I heard about his childhood for the first time.

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