Sadhvi Pragya and Cows – Current Science Proves that Rahul Kanwal and Seculars are mere Lying Quacks

Sadhvi Pragya and Cows – Current Science Proves that Rahul Kanwal and Seculars are mere Lying Quacks

At the Mountain Horse Farm, you will have to pay $75 for a session of 60 minutes where you can be brushing, petting, playing, sharing space or snuggling up to the cows in that farm.  In an ever expanding field of “Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)”, studies are finding increased and significant benefits from being close to and in touch with animals, specifically farm animals like cows.  And, in cases of significant psychiatric disorders, the results are indeed amazing.

This Norwegian study used video records to study the working abilities and behaviors of 35 severely ill psychiatric patients in interacting with farm animals during a three-month intervention. The patients showed higher intensity (difference score: 0.26 ± 0.05, p < 0.0001) and exactness (difference score: 0.31 ± 0.06, p < 0.0001) in their work at the end of the intervention, particularly patients with schizophrenia and personality disorders. The patients spent most relevant time in physical contact with the animals, feeding, cleaning, and milking cows. Among patients with affective disorders, increased intensity of work correlated significantly with increased generalized self-efficacy (rs = 0.82, p = 0.01) and decreased anxiety (rs = −0.7, p = 0.05). (source)

Just stroking a dog, is known to boosts your immune system and studies have found that cat owners have a 30 percent lower heart attack risk!

In a path-breaking book, Made for Each Other, Meg Olmert has used scientific findings researched over 20 years from neuroscience to zoology and anthropology to find the power of human-animal bonds.  She says something very interesting.

“This is science that supports a truth the heart has always known”

Let us look at another dimension of how cows can help the humans.

Cow’s Urine and its benefits – Scientific Studies

Meanwhile, studies have found that the antimicrobial activity of cow’s urine (CU) is comparable to drugs such as ofloxacin, cefpodoxime, and gentamycin.  It has been found to work against pathogenic bacteria, specifically against strong resistant strains such as multidrug-resistant (MDR) Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae.  Further its Antifungal activity have been found comparable to amphotericin B.  Here are the findings of Antimicrobial activity of CU, CUD (Gujrati Geer cow) versus Ofloxacin.

Cow Urine

Studies by Jarald et al have also found similar results.

Cow’s Urine has been granted US Patents for its “medicinal properties, particularly as a bioenhancer along with antibiotics, antifungal and anticancer drugs (6896907, 6410059)

It has been found that the potency of chemotherapy medicine Paclitaxel (PTX) is enhanced by Cow’s Urine, particularly against MCF-7, a human breast cancer cell line.

Cow’s urine has also been found to be very powerful in other anti-cancer therapies since it improves survival of lymphocytes by inhibiting their apoptosis while repairing the damaged DNA.  In a study of efficacy of Cow’s Urine on cancer patients in Mandsaur district, the results were astonishing.

Evaluation of cow urine therapy on cancer patients in 8 days camp at Mandsaur district was carried out. The object of this survey was to evaluate efficacy of cow urine therapy on various cancer patients who were reported across from different state of India. Total 68 cancer patients reported during the survey from 8 April 2007 to 15 April 2007. A questionnaire was developed to assess the efficacy of cow urine therapy. During survey, out of 68 patients, 7.35% patients withdraw themselves from the treatment and 63 (92.64%) patients continued the therapy. There was a high proportion (30.87%) of throat cancer and the other prevalent cancer was breast cancer (14.70%) followed by cervix and uterine cancer (5.88%), buccal cavity cancer and sinus (4.41%) lung cancer, lymphoma and bone cancer (2.94%), both throat and buccal (5.88%) and other cancer (8.82%), respectively. The symptoms (pain, inflammation, burning sensation, difficulty in swallowing, irritation, etc.) of cancer patients were categorized into severe, moderate and mild categories, respectively. Intensive study of the data of cancer patients revealed that the degree of severe, moderate and mild symptoms were 82.16%, 15.8% and 1.58% on the first day and 7.9%, 55.3% and 36.34% on the eighth day, respectively. It was evaluated that patients who were receiving cow urine therapy since 2-3 months were most benefited.(source)

These are the scientific studies for both on how petting and touching cows helps in psychiatric health and managing the blood pressure as well as the efficacy of Cow’s Urine in therapy for cancer (apart from other ailments).

Sadhvi Pragya and and Cows – Bigotry of the Seculars

Rahul Kanwal, a journalist who is less known for any sensitivity and more for in-your-face insensitive journalism was interviewing Sadhvi Pragya.  She is a lady who was falsely implicated in a “terror story”, kept in jail, tortured and beaten up, injected with chemicals and when she got a clean chit from the National Investigation Agency (NIA), she was released and finally is being treated for her health issues.  The so-called Seculars are insensitive to her situation and what she went through.  Whatever false cases were slapped against her are being used to whip up Hinduphobia.

In a mischievous interview, which from the get go had only one main objective – to trip Sadhvi Pragya and use her rather innocent ways against her, Kanwal uses her statement on how petting cows helps in reducing the blood pressure and use of cow’s urine helped her fight the breast cancer which she suffered due to her torture at the hands of the ATS of Maharashtra headed by Hemant Karkare, to ridicule her.

Her words he highlights here in the tweet show his intent pretty clearly.  The comments and retweets of his statement shows the shamelessness of so many, particularly the women.

These statements from Sadhvi Pragya have been used and dutifully ridiculed by the sepoys of the left and the Seculars who are inherently Hinduphobic.  Most of their narratives seek to portray Sadhvi’s statements as anti-science and anti-medicine.

The truth, however, in the scientific world now, is that increasingly the natural ways, specifically the human-animal bonds and potency of things like Cow’s Urine, are gaining prominence.  More and more studies are being done and it is being found that, for example, Cow’s urine is as potent in fighting bacterial infections as regular drugs are, even more so against the drug-resistant strains.  The Bio-enhancing qualities of Cow’s Urine is of particular interest to those working on anti-cancer drugs.

A skeptic can at best say that these studies are not conclusive.  That can be their best defense.

But the skeptical mind can at NO point ever state at this stage of increased scientific evidence that talking of potency of Cow’s urine in fighting ailments – even like cancer – is just superstition.

It is not.

It may need more research and development to make it readily available commercially, but the claim that use of Cow’s Urine in therapy is ridiculous superstition, is nothing but a patent lie!

So, Rahul Kanwal is a cheerleader for fake “science” fanatics, who have zero understanding of science or human psychology.  The truth is that as humans further mess the environment and their bodies with increased use of synthetic chemicals, we will come to a point where we will have to go back to nature.

Something that Hindus like Sadhvi Pragya are suggesting anyway.

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