Saskatchewan (Canada) Government wants to Lure Indian Docs to Set up practice in their province

Saskdocs (Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan) and the local physician and health region representatives are planning a trip to India to recruit and invite Family Doctors to set up practice in Canada’s Saskatchewan province.  The Canadian province is facing a lot of shortage and it hopes to bring back the Indian doctors.

“We encourage internationally-trained doctors to consider setting up practice in our province, with its booming economy and vibrant opportunities,” Health Minister Dustin Duncan said. “While we have increased enrolment at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine and added residency positions to train doctors here in Saskatchewan, we continue to depend on and appreciate our international medical graduates.”
“Internationally-trained family doctors continue to be an important part of Saskatchewan’s physician resources,” saskdocs CEO Ed Mantler said. “The Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment provides us with an exciting opportunity to seek out family physicians from a broader range of countries worldwide. The potential for India looks promising and we look forward to working with officials, educators and doctors in that country to enhance our international recruitment efforts.”

Although they would like to have locally trained doctors, but there is a shortage.   And. for some strange reason – or may be tongue-in-cheek – these Canadians believe that India seems to produce more doctors than it needs.

“We are fortunate that India trains more physicians than it needs and that many of those doctors are looking for work outside their country,” Duncan said. “We hope they will consider choosing Saskatchewan as their new home.”

If any one is interested, then they can contact the Saskdocs at the following contact:

James Winkel
Phone: 306-933-5094

Tyler McMurchy
Phone: 306-787-4083

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