Schoolgirls raped in Boarding School; Administration and Politicians make such rapes lucrative and possible

Minor girls studying in boarding school – aged between 8 and 12 – were being raped in a Chhatisgarh school and it was being covered up by prominent people in that area.

Police said they have detained two men who worked at a state-run boarding school in a remote part of India for allegedly raping 11 girls. Four other people, including village officials, also were detained for allegedly covering up the incident.
Police detained Mannuram Goti, the teacher, and the watchman, Deenaram, who goes by only one name, on Sunday in Narharpur, a village in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, on suspicion of rape, said Rahul Bhagat, the top policeman in the district where Narharpur is located. (link)

The culture of rape is also prevalent due to the nexus of the administration and the politicians.  It is openly known that the politicians and also the officials of the administration are “supplied girls” for their lust.  I know many people who have, for example, insisted that KPS Gill was supplied one new girl every night at the height of his service.  Now, all those girls who would end up in Gill’s room were obviously enduring rape, whether they were paid for it or not.

This goes on at every level.  Even police-wallahs indulge in this.  So, why would such an administration and executive machinery really do much about rape?  Why would they want to shut the lid on one of the most lucrative ways to indulge themselves?  Rape is how the administration lives.  That is how the favors are given and taken.

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