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Is Seducing boss the best way to the top?


In these times of distressed economy, it seems affairs still work.  As per the “Best Boss” survey by Adecco Group, 17% of the Americans think that having an affair with boss is good for advancement of career.  It leads to better promotions.  7% – one in 14 – say they have actually done it!

Seducing the boss – both male and female ones – has been used by many to go ahead.  But is it worth it?

It has meant a loss of an entire career for the bosses or for the person doing it, as was the case in John Edwards case or even Bill Clinton.   In the latter case, I am not sure how much Monica Lewinsky really benefitted beyond a few interviews and a book contract? For some people, the idea of seducing their boss is one that they will not think about. But there are some people who may have checked out sites like in the hopes of shooting their shot, especially if there is attraction shown on both sides. It can be quite risky though, but some people are willing to take the chance.

But according to the “specialists” there is an entire science behind the Seducing of the boss.  You can watch a funny and humorous take on this age old way to grow your career.  If you fail, well, you can still say that you have been to the “Corner Office”, even though you may have done nothing more than slept your time there 😉

The steps include:

Step 1: Before you act
Flirting above your pay grade is very risky. Are you expecting to settle down with the boss for ever more? No. Then inevitably at some point the relationship will turn sour, and they have power over your career. So, before you start something you won’t be able to control, weigh up your options: love of job versus love of boss.
Step 2: Kick things off
Okay, so we’ve established it’s not your head that makes your major decisions. Time to get flirting. Don’t jump in with chat up lines, or get touchy feely – this screams sex pest. Start subtly by holding the boss’ gaze for a little longer than necessary.
Scrumptiously cross paths more often, be there to hold doors open, smile when you see them and as you see more of them, use first names. A deep, seductive ‘Morning Penny’ will work wonders. All quick easy ways to get your boss to notice you as more than an employee..
Step 3: Get suggestive
Now take things up a notch. Comment on how you admire their dress sense. Move into their personal space. Cause some friction by ‘accidentally’ brushing against an arm or shoulder.
If any of these receive a less than a positive response abort the mission immediately. You still haven’t done anything worthy of a sexual harassment case and can get out with your dignity intact.
However, if you are getting good signals back. And by this we mean; extended eye contact, hair flicking, lip licking or touching, move on to the next step.
Step 4: Be available
If your boss asks you to assist in them office, or requests that you stay late, do it. In boss terms, this is a first date. You willingness to accommodate their needs will go in your favour.
Step 5: Go for the kill
By now you both know what’s on the cards and your boss may even make the first move. If not, let them know you find attractive and would love to take them for a drink after work, and see where things progress from here. Just make sure you can’t be spotted by prying colleagues.
Step 6: Prepare for repercussions
Conducting a secret affair at work can do wonders for your relationship, you could be in for a few great months of canoodling in the washrooms, and after hours desk-based action. Or it could all be over within a week, when the novelty has worn off. And with it goes your promised promotion. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.