Sex: Its all in your NOSE!

Last updated on Aug 6, 2007

Posted on Aug 6, 2007

Hahaha.. so Pinnochhio’s nose had more to do than just show he was lying!! 🙂  And in the Ramayana legend – wonder what happened to Shurpanakha – whose nose was cut off?  Nose, scientists now say IS the seat of the differences in the sexual behavior of men and women!  Umm.. so is there a difference between people with long noses and short ones?  Does "Size" matter? 😉

The enormous difference between male and female sexual behaviour may be explained, in animals at least, by a tiny organ in the nose rather than by any gender difference in brain circuitry.
So say investigators in the United States, who admit to being stunned by the finding and the implications for the understanding of sexuality.
In a study published on Sunday by the British journal Nature, the team engineered female lab mice so that the rodents lacked a gene called TRPC2, effectively short-circuiting the so-called vomeroasal organ.

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