Shilpa wears Mangalsutra on her hand.


Mangalsutra has been the mark of a married women in India for centuries now.  Quite like a ring is in the Western men and women in the West.  It is made in a certain way.  It is usually a gold pendant strung from a yellow thread prepared with turmeric, a string of black beads or simply a gold chain.

Now Shilpa has given a new style to it by wearing it as a bracelet.  As expected, many conservative Hindus are not very happy with it.  While the women who want to look cool are intrigued by this new way and look.

Although it is done as a ritual without much thought, I feel if at all the origin of this practice must lie in some yogic “wisdom” of how such a thing helps in managing the energy of a woman to help her live her life.  Now, maybe the woman of today does not need that help.  But I know the significance of certain jewellery worn on certain parts of the body can have a good or bad effect on how the energies work for that person.  There are times when a person feels low, some things help him/her… such ritualistic practices are very similar.. they tend to help people use what is available to live happily.

So her action is not good or bad for the society or Hinduism on the whole.. but for her own well being.

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