Shiney Ahuja One Liners

Last updated on Jun 18, 2009

Posted on Jun 18, 2009

We know that Shiney Ahuja, the bollywood actor has been accused of raping his maid (kaam-wali Bai) and according to the reports he has also admitted to it. Of course, there are many, including his wife, who say he couldn’t have done that.  But people have come up with rather interesting one-liners.  Here is a collection of that:

What does Shiney like to ride the most?

what is the fav bedroom line of shiney?

Who is Shiney’s fav football player
Bai Chung Bhutia

What kind of food does Shiney like
Home Maid

what is Shiney’s sexual orientation?
He is Bai-Sexual

why did Shiney hang out with Snoop Dog??
To make rape music

whats shiney ahuja’s favorite song?
Maid in India

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