Shiv Sainiks: the losers!!

Last updated on Jun 3, 2007

Posted on Jun 3, 2007

Can someone tell these ultimate losers that cyber cafes do not CREATE websites!!  Cyber Cafe just offers services to access the web!  And most of the folks surf in their homes!  Most importantly someone in the Hindu community should shove some sense into these idiots’ minds.. either they get their act together or be thrown out completely!  I sure dont want these losers representing me!!

Shiv Sainiks vandalised a cyber-cafe in Kalyan, protesting against certain hate-communities on the website which allegedly contained derogatory material about Shivaji and the Thackeray family.
No arrests have been made so far, police sources said, though a complaint of rioting and unlawful assembly has been lodged against 40 Shiv Sena workers.
Orkut, the web networking site which allows members to form online communities, had earlier also run into trouble over a hate-community on Shivaji.

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